General Huber

The versatile American actor, Stephen Dorff, has appeared in more than fifty films in a career which began in childhood, in commercials for companies such as Kraft and Mattel. He made his film debut at age fourteen in a horror film, The Gate (1987), and has also worked in music videos as well as television. In I’LL FIND YOU, he plays General Huber.

Dorff has played his share of bad guys - notably the evil vampire Deacon Frost in Marvel Comics’ Blade (1998); a menacing landlord in Cold Creek Manor (2003) - and oddballs such as the transgender Candy Darling in I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) and a devious de-programmer in Jackals (2017). He starred opposite John Cleese in Quantum Project (2000), the first digitally downloadable movie. He was a man with telekinetic powers in American Hero (2015).

In part because of his image playing wacky, unpredictable and sometimes scary characters, Dorff received the best reviews of his career in Sofia Coppola’s drama, Somewhere (2010) as a famously hedonistic actor trying to turn his life around. The film received the Golden Lion award as best picture at the Venice Film Festival.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Stephen Dorff grew up in Los Angeles. His other credits include Leatherface (2017), seventh in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise; Space Truckers (1996) and The Motel Life (2012) opposite Dakota Fanning.