Benno Moser

The indefatigable Stellan Skarsgård has been active in theatre, television and motion pictures since he was a kid in Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. Eldest of five, he quit school at 16 to become an actor, and soon achieved national fame as an impudent country boy in the TV series, Bombi Bitt ooh jag. Now, decades later, he finds himself lionized once again, as the title character in a lauded mini-series, the BBC’s River.

In addition to his extensive, ongoing theatre work, Skarsgård’s film credits run the gamut from American action movies (The Hunt for Red October, 1990; Pirates of the Caribbean, 2006/7) to Cinderella (2015), to the rigorous, auteurist cinema of Lars von Trier, for whom he made Breaking the Waves (1996) and five other pictures. His astonishing versatility made him suitable for such disparate movies as Beowulf & Grendel (2005), Thor, Parts I & II (2011/2013), not to mention both the first Mama Mia! (2008) and its sequel Mama Mia! Here we go again.

His work has been honored. The Berlin International Film Festival named him best actor for The Simple-Minded Murderer (1982), as did Sweden’s Guldbagge Awards. He received a Screen Actors Guild nomination for Good Will Hunting (1998) and was cited by the European Film Academy that same year for Good Will Hunting as well as Amistad. The Norwegian Film Festival gave him best actor honors for A Somewhat Gentle Man (2010) and he was nominated for a Bodil Award, Sweden’s most prestigious acting honor for his work in von Trier’s Nymphomaniac.

Skarsgård’s most recent work includes Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote along with an adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s celebrated novel, The Painted Bird - both for release soon.

Skarsgard is father to a daughter and seven sons, four of whom have followed him into the acting profession - Alexander, Gustaf, Bill and Valter.