Producer & Screenwriter

A multi-lingual author and translator, Bozenna (‘Bo’) Intrator was born and raised in Poland but is something of a world citizen, having lived and worked for significant periods in Austria, the United States and France, among other countries. Her father held a law degree but earned his living as a businessman; her mother taught drawing and math; she has one sister who lives in the state of Florida.

At Warsaw University, In the 1980is Bo became a political activist who joined other students in protest against the communist system in Poland. After helping a Swiss journalist to collect materials for a series of articles about Solidarnosc movement published in Schweizer Illustrierte she came under suspicion but managed to leave Poland to study in Vienna, Austria on a stipend received from a NGO related to Vatican. That is where she met David Intrator, and (still a student) began to work with him on advertising campaigns. That marked the beginning of a life in exile – for almost 10 years she was not being able to return to Poland to see her family.

Convinced that the political situation would not markedly change any time soon, she moved with David to his home town - New York by the end of 1980s where they got married. In time, she entered New York University, graduating in 1990 with a Master of Philosophy degree. The couple divorced 1996. She retains dual citizenship in both Poland and the U.S.A.

Ms Intrator’s body of work — poems, short stories, novels, plays — has sprung to life in Polish, German and English, published in the countries where those languages predominate. She has written, translated and/or adapted numerous pieces for the theatre and for television in Poland. The most commercially popular of her television offerings was the series, Hela w opalach, based upon the American series, Grace Under Fire. Her many song lyrics are on CDs and the music tracks of films, her song Kto wie is since 2001 the most often played Christmas Song in Polish radio stations.

I’LL FIND YOU is her third full length produced English language feature film.